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I've never felt rushed, and everyone has been very friendly and professional. Every year that I attend I always learn new cool facts. For the deal to make the slightest sense from an ESG perspective, Cascade needs to have a clear plan for reducing emissions here. Aircraft registration is required by Washington State law ( RCW 47.68.250 ). If you are a current Aircraft Dealer, you must renew your license prior to January 31 of each year. Thank you for keeping us safe, and hosting your super fun summer camp!” - Megan S. / Summer Camper, “Really great and knowledgeable people. On the one hand, there’s some cyclicality to performance. Thanks Above All Aviation. Above All offers a range of aircraft to suit different budgets - from two-seat trainers for those on a budget, through conventional four-seat Cessna 172s, to a high-performance airplane and a twin for those seeking more speed, comfort, equipment, and skill. When you begin flight training at Above All Aviation you enter into a community of aviators that are passionate about flying. I really had a lot of fun at camp, and I really enjoy the competitiveness that you insert into the camp. Our son has received excellent instruction both in the air and on the ground.” - Genese I. They have hands down what I would call A+ in customer service. Highly recommended! If you want to learn from the good guys, just talk to Shawn, she'll get you set up! The staff is friendly, professional, and holds students to very high expectations-- there is no allowance for sloppiness, and that makes for good pilots. FAA Guide to Low-Flying Aircraft The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is the government agency responsible for aviation ... an altitude of 1,000 feet above the highest obstacle within a horizontal radius of 2,000 feet of the aircraft. On every single occasion, Shawn has gone over and above to arrange alternative transport for me to get home safely, resolve scheduling issues (even when they're my fault), and otherwise ensuring that I always end the day safely at home rather than stuck somewhere! A charter with ABOVE is more than just a flight to your destination. We entrust the faculty and staff to gently care for this plane and provide meticulous maintenance that will ensure long usage and, above all, safe operations for all who fly in it. Our mission is to help our students learn to fly on their own time around their schedule. The hardest part is picking one when you get close to a milestone for sign off. :) Since I gave them their first dollar in 2010, I have flown higher, faster (pun intended) than I ever thought possible. Auctions involving such buyers can get heated: Their perspective tends to be in decades, with assets held on a perpetual basis. I have never regretted my choice in choosing Above All Aviation because they truly are ABOVE ALL. Don't even bother looking at the competition, they are all playing little league. Having experienced a number of different flight schools on the east coast and found ECAC to be the best that the Greater Boston Area had to offer, I can safely say that Above All has equally high standards - and with a more personal touch.In experiencing the same, a close friend of mine from Brooklyn, NY, even chose to spend 6 weeks staying with me in Santa Barbara at the beginning of last year - specifically so that he could complete his Private Pilot training with Above All.Every instructor with whom I've trained at Above All over my past 5 years and multiple levels of flight training has taught me the skills I've needed, not just to meet the FAA requirements, but also to fly safely in a wide variety of conditions that the FAA requirements do not address. I think what makes Above All stand out amongst flight schools nationwide is its focus on creating skilled, thoughtful, community-conscious, and conscientious pilots--not just pilots who can pass a check ride. “All air carrier flights file flight plans, and receive air traffic control service for the entire flight. You'll find former and current commercial airline pilots talking about their most exciting and harrowing flights. This is a top notch operation, and they don't cut corners. Not impossible, but hard. We can even come to you! “Great flight school with friendly staff. Blackstone’s bid involves a longer-term private equity vehicle and an infrastructure fund. Channel City Flyers was started by three pilots, one of them Mike Fountaine, who is also a certified flight instructor. Stock market investors, especially U.K. funds, tend to be more conservative about leverage. - Carl H. / Private Pilot, Thank you Above All Aviation and all of the staff for a 5 star education, instruction, and professionalism! Please see the "Contact Us" tab under the menu for staff information or visit our website for additional information. Your ABOVE Aviation Specialist is happy to help make any additional arrangements for you as a way of ensuring your travels are as enjoyable as possible. - Topaz G. / Commercial instrument multi-engine pilot, “Our son has been taking lessons here for several months. Plane and Pilot expands upon the vast base of knowledge and experience from aviation’s most reputable influencers to inspire, educate, entertain and inform. (JUST KIDDING) I love everything about this camp, especially the amazing instructors. - Nathan P. "The quality of instruction, professionalism of staff, and the general fun atmosphere at Above All Aviation is one of the reasons I believe this is the best flight school around. … Cascade and affiliates already have 19% of Signature, and the fund will vote against any alternative proposal that comes after it and Blackstone have made a firm offer. Since my 11th hour of flying through my first solo, Private Pilot Rating, multiple endorsements, private aircraft familiarizations, and now my Instrument training, I have received an exceptional training experience. Also I heard they have an incredible pass rate, they have instructors that teach because they like teaching, not just to get to the 1500 hour mark to work at the airlines"  - Hannah L. / Commercial Pilot, instrument rated, multi-engine rated, CFI-MEI, "After checking out several other flight schools in the area, nobody beats Above All Aviation! I've flown with 4 different ones and enjoyed and learned a lot from them all. If you need hours they pair you up with another student that needs hours, they have promos, study groups, constantly working with aviation groups to keep people Informed, a flight simulator, they love to help with sponsorships, and if you just need a place to hangout and talk about aviation their door is always open. The combatants are the sole flight school left on the field — Above All Aviation — and a flying club that formed in 2016, Channel City Flyers. NOTICE: WSDOT Aviation Division building in Tumwater, WA is currently closed to walk-ins due to COVID-19 concerns. It's the best on the field and probably the best on the central coast. By signing up you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, Interpretation of the news based on evidence, including data, as well as anticipating how events might unfold based on past events. Above All Aviation is proud to have earned several AOPA Distinguished Flight Training Awards since opening in 2010 and to be the only flight school in Santa Barbara with a full-time maintenance facility. Above Alaska Aviation was selected to build the 2016 – 2020 raffle planes. They are always finding a way for you to save money, that's right a flight school that will save you money! I didn't check out the other two schools, but I have no reason to. Tower controllers are responsible for local airport operations including reporting weather, issuing takeoff clearances, controlling aircraft on the ground, issuing runway assignments, handling all arriving and departing traffic, and above all, ensuring that all of these aircraft maintain a safe distance from each other at all times. It’s mostly a grudge match, a fact that even airport staff acknowledges. For context, I have never seen another flight school do anything like this - and certainly not at the owner level. The owner/operators are always around and everyone is always happy which makes it a great place to hang out and absorb information. From private, to instrument-rated, to multi-engine, and onto commercial airline pilot. They are a full service flight school with unparalleled professionalism mixed in with that family feel for an absolutely perfect atmosphere for learning. You know what they still can't get rid of me because I still come by just to hangout and talk about aviation. I look forward to renting over the course of the next couple years prior to, hopefully, beginning my aviation career in the military.” - Mike M. / Private Pilot. This column does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the editorial board or Bloomberg LP and its owners. Register Online Register Aircraft Apply for Aircraft Exemption Aircraft registration and Licensing I worked with the instructors and the owners on every rating through commercial instrument multi-engine while in college and ended up with a jet rating and a corporate job at age 23. They take the time to communicate effectively, they don't get in a hurry, and they truly care about their students. Aircraft Maintenance. Read on to hear what our pilots say about Above All. It’s a formidable partnership that rival investment fund suitors Carlyle Group Inc. and Global Infrastructure Partners will have a tough job seeing off. ... • Flying aircraft collection • Aviation Artifacts • Engine Displays • Hundreds of scale models • Hands-on … Analysts at United First Partners reckon Blackstone-Cascade could sweeten their proposal by 5%-12% and still achieve a long-term internal rate of return of 10-12%, typically sufficient for an infrastructure fund. The instructors are all great. A rival offer with a 75% acceptance threshold (as required under the U.K.’s simpler “scheme of arrangement” bid process) would likely fail depending on shareholder turnout. Above all aviation - KSBA 1523 Cook Place, Santa Barbara, CA 93117 Monday – Sunday: 9AM – 5PM Email [email protected] Phone Flight school/rental: (805) 683-7575 Maintenance: … This is a company the cares about their clients. Your willingness to override the schedule to make sure I had a plane, giving me tips and pointers, as well as encouraging me to maintain a positive attitude, even when the weather gods were giving me a beating, made my experience at Above All nothing less than stellar, and I am truly appreciative of that. / Parent. Funds managed by Blackstone Group Inc. have teamed up with Microsoft Corp. co-founder Bill Gates in an attempted $4.3 billion bid for Signature Aviation Plc. We Invite You to Take an Introductory Flight! Would highly recommend them for flying lessons.” - Mark B. This makes life very hard for any interloper. They offered me the flexibility and availability to fly during school, nights and weekends, and I could not have been as successful in my flying career today without all their help and support. I trained in a 152 for most of my Private Pilot training - an airplane I loved so much that I placed its tail number, 17L, in the diagrams of a book that I co-authored, "DIY Drones for the Evil Genius"!Having trained at other flight schools prior to finding Above All, and having considered Above All's rates vs those of other flight schools when I was looking into training options in Santa Barbara, I found that of the quality flight schools around, Above All's rates were by far the most reasonable. So why choose Above it All Aviation? Above All Aviation, 1503 Cook Place, Santa Barbara, CA 93117 805-683-7575 [email protected] A low-profile U.K. company serving the private jet business is suddenly making some very big friends. The people here are personable and feel like family. 100% committed to safety & the care of their aircraft, I wouldn't hesitate to send any family member in the air in their equipment and with their instructors.

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