namibian spessartite garnet

The deposits of these Spessartite Garnet were thus found there. C $10.21 shipping. C $9.57. 5.66 ct Natural Earth Mined Fire Orangish Red Spessartite Garnet, Namibia. 1.61ct Fanta Orange Namibian Spessartite Garnet. 0.35 Carat ... Untreated Namibian Spessartite 2.43 Price: $ 1,950.00. The mineral spessartine should not be confused with a type of igneous rock (a lamprophyre) called spessartite.. Spessartine's name is a derivative of Spessart in Bavaria, Germany, the type locality of the mineral. 2 bids royalgemstones. This term is sometimes also used as a synonym for Spessartite. Origin Namibia Africa. 4.12 - 4.20 Spessartite sinks in all common heavy liquids. preciousgems. Spessartine, sometimes mistakenly referred to as spessartite, is a nesosilicate, manganese aluminium garnet species, Mn 2+ 3 Al 2 (SiO 4) 3. This stone has the light return of a round brilliant fit into an oval shape. $40 $40 . The brilliance is off the charts thanks to a wonderful design. Mandarin Garnet - Bright orange to orange-red Spessartite Garnet, usually originating from the African countries of Namibia and Mozambique. Dr. Art Soregaroli SOLD Color ranging from eye popping mandarin color to the majestic deeper orangish -red color it is gemstone not to overlook. Orangish Red Spessartite Garnet from Namibia 1.18 CT 7.6x5.7mm Pear Cut, Wholesale Faceted Loose Unmounted Gemstone for Jewelry FlowingGems. It can be significantly more expensive than other spessartite varieties. in the late 1990s by fine spessartine from Namibia and Nigeria (S. Robertson, pers. Also known as ‘Kunene Spessartine’, Namibian Mandarin Garnet was first mined in 1991 and is typically differentiated from Spessartite from other origins by its inclusions and graining, giving it a ‘sleepy’ appearance. 13.40Ct.Best Color! Weighing approximately 20.38 carats and measuring 14 x 14 x 11 mm . Dokmai Suebthep 20 views. 2.43 Carat Deep Red-Orange Medium Dark 75 Natural Tsavorite (Green Garnet) - 7 Carats - by Gandhi Enterprises - Duration: 0:38. Quality VS Spessartite Garnet. Garnet gemstones are available in a veritable plethora of colours, such as yellow, orange, peach, green, red, purple, blue (rare), brown and pink. Sources of Spessartite Mandarin Orange Namibian Spessartite Garnet 11.87 Description Spessartite Garnet SHAPE Oval WEIGHT 11.87 Ct. Spessartite garnet is typically cut in brilliant cuts or other popular gemstone cuts such as emerald, oval, princess, trilliant and heart. SOREG15-148 Spessartine Garnet Miniature, 5.0 x 4.7 x 3.0 cm Marienfluss, Kunene Region, Namibia Ex. Natural BIG Fire Mandarin Orange Namibian Spessartite Garnet. Where and how a garnet has been mined can help to determine if it has been ethically source In 1999 a much larger discovery was made in Nigeria. Color change alexandrite like garnet from Bekily Madagascar has disappeared from the market but new supplies from Kenya and Tanzania are available. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 2.20Ct.Best Color! Seller information. comm., 2001). Spessartite Garnet a member of the garnet family. From shop FlowingGems. The purity and identification of Natural Spessartite Orange Garnet can be done by using neodymium For decades, perhaps the best known spessartite source was the Little Three Mine and Hercules Mine, located here in San Diego, California. $120. Contacts. On sale is lot of 4 pieces unheated untreated NAMIBIAN NATURAL SPESSARTITE GARNETS. These gemstones are mined from several locality like Brazil, Nigeria, Mozambique, Myanmar and Namibia. $45 $45 . Natural Fire Mandarin Orange Namibian Spessartite Garnet at the best online prices at eBay! Those with a reddish to red-brown hue have a higher almandine content as well as a higher refractive index . Fine Spessartite Garnet Namibia A fine Portuguese circular-cut orange garnet having excellent color and luster. Spessartite garnet is an orange to red-brown gemstone that belongs to the large and varied garnet species of gems.The garnet group can be classified into two primary classes; pyrospites (aluminum) and ugandites (calcium) garnets. Color is one of the factors that define spessartite garnet's value: mandarin spessartite garnet (also known as "mandarin garnet"), usually mined in Mozambique and Namibia, ranges from bright orange to orange-red, and is one of the varieties that are particularly highly valued. SIZE 15.5 X 12.5 X 6.5 mm QUANTITY 1 Piece COLOR Fire Mandarin Orange; CLARITY SI; LUSTER Superior ORIGIN Namibia TREATMENT None HARDNESS 7-7.5 5 out of 5 stars (714) 714 reviews $ 22.00. The decade of the ’90s put spessartite garnet on the map. 97.6% Positive feedback. Namibian Spessartite - Bright orange-red Spessartite Garnet from Namibia. Spessartite Garnet. Free shipping. Spessartite usually occurs in a solid-state series or blend with other garnet species, such as almandine and pyrope.

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