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2 tablespoons Spirulina powder or Wheat Grass powder. sunflower oil ; 4.25 oz. Additives: Orange Illite Clay – 1 teaspoon. bars, so you’ll have plenty to use for handmade gifts. I hope you'll give it a try if you haven't already. Stir well. It’s yours free to help you with your soap making, and it’s been a life-saver for me. After the mixture becomes translucent and there are no more opaque pieces at all in it, it's probably ready! Mar 9, 2020 - Explore LatherLass's board "Peppermint Bar Soap Recipes Collected by LatherLass", followed by 212 people on Pinterest. Lye – 4.6 oz. Pumpkin Soap. It doesn't matter because it's really just great for everyone. It's a perfect soap for you to make for your man, too---Or woman. If you're new to making hot process soap, please read through my other tutorials above. Especially with the onset of cooler weather! Just complete the form at the end of this article to access it right away! Set it aside and let it cool down for several hours or overnight. Click here to learn to make your own natural handmade hot process soaps! If you buy a product through them, I receive a small commission which helps me provide the free information you find on … Additives: Orange Illite Clay – 1 teaspoon. If your mold is too large, see the pictures below. ", Rosemary-Lavender-Vanilla Hot Process Soap. Anyone who wants soft skin will love it too! It’s a hard bar, cleansing, yet conditioning at the same time with a nice lather. 14 oz. You can also make melt and pour soap at home very easily and skip the lye, as well as the weighing and mixing of the ingredients. Cold or Hot Process Soap Making? Peppermint essential oil is steam distilled from Mentha piperita, a flowering perennial herb that grows prolifically wherever it is planted. Also, you can use the hot process soap making method to create our Castile Hot Process Soap Recipe. Step 4 – Add Clay to Essential Oils. I love the process of making soap, but what I love even more is developing recipes for it. Need a great handmade soap recipe for gift giving this season? You'll need to be prepared for a softer soap if you use it right away, however. What You’ll Need: 2 lbs. However, I’m posting this anyway because you can make this soap ANY time! Glopping and pressing it into the soap mold. Makes a great gift for anytime! The links in the recipe above are for Amazon, and you really do need to be careful purchasing essential oils from a store, including Amazon. Which is your favorite way to make soap? This retains the freshness and scent too. Also---ALWAYS WEAR YOUR SAFETY GLOVES AND GLASSES WHEN WORKING WITH THE LYE! Hot Process Soap Recipes To Try! If you make any changes, though, run your numbers through a soap calculator just to be sure you've converted correctly. Mocha Soap. Glop your soap into the mold, pressing to be sure it gets into all the corners. Anyone who loves to meditate will love this soap. Try this recipe out and let me know what you think. Set aside one ounce of the lard to use as superfat after the cook. Just fill out the form at the end of the article, and it’s yours! Peppermint Mocha Soap Makes about sixteen 2.5-3 ounce bars of soap. Here’s the recipe: Peppermint-Rosemary Soap with Green Clay. However, this is not necessary for safety. Pour your lye into the water---NEVER the other way around. Citrus Peppermint Cold Process Soap. Christmas Tree Cold Process Soap image from Marie at Humble Bee & Me. You could get a volcano and be hurt! You'll find the longer you leave your hot process soap, the harder it will become as any excess moisture continues to evaporate. Summer Citrus Soap Recipe with a Natural Essential Oil Blend What food or drink would you turn into a soap recipe? Go to my post about how to make hot process soap for the basic recipe (get it here). (I purchase my dried Nettles from Starwest Botanicals), ***You can use Nettles medicinally, too! Have fun with it, but be careful not to go overboard. If you click through and make any kind of purchase, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. **Do this only after all the oils have melted completely. This soap recipe is approximately two pounds of soap, perhaps a bit less. Well, I found the perfect, no-fail recipe that was so fun to customize, plus it worked every time, and I just stopped trying or creating other recipes. 6. After all, what’s the point of making “natural” soap if you’re using toxic chemicals, right? You can also use Nettle Powder for a lovely green color. *Updated 3/24/2020 . Mango butter – 3 oz. You can still make these 7 Homemade Holiday Soap Recipes from scratch and have them ready in a day or two. I like the basic manual crock pots you can just keep right on low. This was supposed to be an article for holiday gift giving, and here I am a bit late! So, that’s when I decided I’d just go ahead and share all my herbal and diy self-reliant and homestead recipes on this blog! Add kaolin clay to your peppermint and tea tree essential oils. Cold Process vs. Sunflower oil – 4 oz. You can find out more about making soap without using lye in this article. Step 7) Stir SUPER well to be sure all the essential oils and powder is mixed in thoroughly. Everyone loves this soap, but I created this recipe with your manly man in mind! FTC Disclosure: There are affiliate links in this article, and this simply means that if you click through and make any kind of purchase, I may earn a very small commission at no extra cost to you! Candy Cane Christmas Soap. It's ok if the Nettle powder soaks in the oil for a bit. … It's a great combination! Leave comments and questions in the comments section below! To make the swirls, I separated out a small amount of the soap and added red soap coloring, then layered that in as I was pouring out the rest of the soap and used a knife to swirl it through the soap. I love the way peppermint makes my skin tingle! I always cut off my tops, then I cut the top up and use it too. Dec 6, 2012 - Even the Blaux Portable AC conditioning equipment is a freshly released private air purifier that maybe not merely cleans your encompassing; nevertheless, besides, … If you haven't done so yet, please sign up for our newsletter! Cover the soap and set it aside. I hope you’ll sign up for my newsletter and never miss a thing! One of my friends asked me to make some of my Spearmint-Frankincense-Eucalyptus soap for her, so I thought I'd share my recipe for this handmade naturally colored and scented soap with you! 15 ounces Coconut Oil (I get mine from Costco), 15 ounces olive oil (Also from Costco--organic is great quality, and I haven't found a better price anywhere), 1 to 2 tablespoons of Nettle Powder. It will melt quicker … Your hot process soap is safe to use right away! Each produces a very different type of soap, but both are equally useful. This lovely green soap recipe is moisturizing, conditioning, and cleansing at the same time. This soap lathers well, has a nice slip, and leaves your skin feeling clean! Easy Peppermint Candy Soap Recipe. I just tucked in firm cardboards into the soap mold behind the soap---Perfect! Honestly, this soap recipe is a winner! You may have to do this a couple of times. Making hot process soap takes about an hour or so to cook, sometimes more, sometimes a little less. The Frankincense provides mental clarity. Beautiful, green, and refreshing for your mind and heart. As you use the soap, it should get rounded edges that will make it look more like a peppermint candy, but if you want to gift the soap or are in a hurry to get it to look like mine, you can scrape the edges of the soap lightly with a knife to help round them, and then smooth it out by rubbing the soap under some warm water. I LOVE this company, and you can purchase your oils and butters there, too, along with any of your herbal supplies, such as the spirulina powder or nettle! But, Friend, here is another reason why I love you: Your questions and comments made me realize it was time to break out of that rut and do some different things with my soap making! Also, lots and LOTS of ventilation when you’re mixing the lye water. [email protected], Privacy Policy, Affiliate Disclosures, Disclaimers, Legal Stuff: Privacy Policy, Disclaimers, Notices, Disclosures. Yay! 8. Note: The Peppermint can really overpower the Pine, so I'd start out with the Pine, then add Peppermint until you like the blend for yourself.

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